glowing candles melting on windowsill


I am in desperate need of lovely scents just now.

Last week my 3 yr old collie, Daisy, (aka Daisy Duke, aka Crazy Daisy, aka D***it Daisy) had an upset tummy. She has a sensitive tummy, which is why we are super careful about goodies, and feed her a sensitive stomach kibble.

Here she is, right out front as usual, plowing through the tall grass and leading her sister Princess on yet another adventure. She is a nut bar, and I wouldn’t have her any other way. But that tummy though…

Needles to say, the carpets are ruined and will be replaced with hardwood in a few months. Again.

This is the third house in a row where we have ripped out carpet and installed hardwood. We have always benefited from that decision on resale, but it means time and displaced furniture and mess and money. So much of all of those things. But it is always worth it when it’s finished. Besides, I don’t care about carpet at all, compared to how much I love my furry kids.

However, all the lovey feels in the world for my Daisy Duke won’t fix the putrid smell wafting from the ruined carpet in my sewing/crafting/writing room. For future reference, let’s just call it my studio and be done with it. We can all agree it sounds a bit pretentious, but I’m going with it.

SO… all the scented candles, burning at all times, whenever I am in my studio. I absolutely do not have enough candles to get me through until the carpet gets removed, so do me a solid and hit me up with your favourites, and where they can be purchased. Thank You Jesus for candle makers all over the world! Especially the smelly ones! (Candles, not candle makers)

I have already burned down a couple candles. To my dismay, I discovered anew that there was more scented wax than there was wick. I can’t throw out all that delicious-smelling wax – I am in dire need of every last bit of it!

I found the little scraper thing among my Cricut tools and broke up the wax into chunks so I could remove them from the candle jar. Now, what to do with them?

I remembered a little wax burner that was given to me by a friend. I found it, (this alone is a miracle sent from heaven, because I can’t remember where I put anything, especially if I put it somewhere “safe” so I won’t forget where it is) found my tealights, (praise the Good Lord for two miracles in one afternoon!), and I was pretty pleased with myself for not being wasteful with excess candle wax.

Here is my little warmer, next to a couple books I have recently enjoyed. I recommend them both.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert speaks to embracing curiosity to foster creativity. This is something I need to be reminded of. Curiosity and questions were often criticized when I was growing up, so I learned to squelch it. Even when I am chatting with a friend, I am often afraid to ask too many questions, fearing that I will overstep and offend.

In Untamed, Glennon Doyle speaks to finding your wild – the person God originally created you to be. It encourages me to step outside my culture-defined, society-allowed box. I am attempting to fully engage and embrace the Lisa that God created me to be, while shutting out all the old programmed “you should'” and “you shouldn’t” tapes that have played in my head for my whole life.

This is hard work, but I have discovered it is crucial work. I have found the courage to uncover my mess, allow God to rearrange it, and make something new in me. Something beautiful and aromatic.

Kind of like I chopped the leftover wax into smaller pieces that could be used in a new way. However, the wax does not reach its full potential until a flame is lit. Then the transformation begins. The crumbled pieces melt and meld and release the full strength of its aroma.

Not long ago, when I looked at myself, I saw crumbled bits. They once gave off a lovely fragrance. There was still a whiff of fragrance remaining. When I was brave enough, I gathered those bits together and lit a new creative flame under them. They melted and melded and released a beautiful aroma. I was reminded that I can be remade. I can be renewed.

But first I had to embrace the flame.

I suppose telling my stories is my way of releasing the aroma of my life to the world. Some people like the aroma. Some don’t. It’s all good. I like the aroma, so I’m going to keep it lit.

I breathe deep, smile, and forget about the unsavoury smell. The offending mess will be removed and replaced in due time.

I would love to hear about the process of lighting your flame! Please – share in the comments, and let’s help each other keep our flames burning bright.

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