person packing a luggage

What If?

You never know what Epic Adventures are waiting for you right around the corner. What if you don’t say no right away? What if you say, “What If?”

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It’s Not About the Coffee

I go to a big church. Some would even call it a mega church. It has a café with a big cappuccino machine where volunteer baristas can make all kinds of delicious, caffeinated delights. My favorite is a Hazelnut Latte. I will stand in line to order...

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Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Have you chosen a word for 2024? This trend interests me because I find it much more relatable than resolutions. To me, resolutions feel like pressure, sadness, and unmet expectations. They feel like...

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Clean Your Side of the Street

When someone I care about asks for help with a problem, I have space for them. I know how to identify what I can do for them, what only they can do for themselves, and what we can do together. Neither of us feels alone in our struggle, and we both...

walking crutches

Walking Wounded

I'm going back to therapy. I'm not even a little embarrassed about that, because seeking help with my mental health is as normal and automatic as going to PT for my ankle, or going to get my teeth cleaned, or going to a yoga class.

grayscale photo of a the house of parliament and westminster bridge

Chapter 2 – London

Ben said it was a simple process to leave the airport and he was absolutely correct. He was also correct about how huge Heathrow Airport is. Pretty sure it's bigger than my hometown, with a markedly larger population!

medical stethoscope with red paper heart on white surface

Something’s Gotta Give

We all know our Alberta Health Care system is broken. It is chronically ill and shows every sign of being fatal. If something drastic doesn’t happen, it will collapse, possibly without chance of recovery

Why I keep doing the work…

and why I’m glad I didn’t blow up my marriage when I had the chance. At the time, I wanted to do just that. I had a speech prepared. I had rehearsed it in front of the mirror. I was ready. And then these words came out instead: I love...

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Is it Camping, or is it Glamping?

Everyone has trauma recovery work to do. That’s ok; there are so many different ways we can be hurt, so there needs to be more than one way to heal. But, if someone assumes they know best how you should heal, without considering the complexities of...


I can read the Gospels and get a clear picture of Jesus' ministry up to and including his death and resurrection, thanks to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. But ever since I was a young girl one question persisted - What about the women?

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Deconstructing vs Detangling

I know a lot of people who have deconstructed their faith to the point that they no longer go to church or even believe in God anymore. Deconstruction left them without anything to rebuild. I get it. I’ve been at that same fork in the road, and very...