grayscale photo of a the house of parliament and westminster bridge

Chapter 2 – London

Ben said it was a simple process to leave the airport and he was absolutely correct. He was also correct about how huge Heathrow Airport is. Pretty sure it's bigger than my hometown, with a markedly larger population!

Which Switch is Which?

I am writing my memoir. The story of me is complex, layered with joy, trauma, kittens, abuse, a collie, and a long journey to hope and healing.

medical stethoscope with red paper heart on white surface

Something’s Gotta Give

We all know our Alberta Health Care system is broken. It is chronically ill and shows every sign of being fatal. If something drastic doesn’t happen, it will collapse, possibly without chance of recovery

charolaise cow on a farm

It’s Time for a BBQ

Photo by pascal claivaz on I love a good BBQ. The saucy, drippy, roll up my sleeves and run out of napkins kind. That tschk in the back corner of my cheek that makes my shoulders shrug up from the sweet smoky tangy deliciousness of it all...


When was the last time you reconnected with extended family? If you are like me, it’s been a couple decades. Two years ago my cousins were planning a family reunion. Then Covid hit and restrictions prevented them from completing those plans. But now...