Crushing It

Crushing It

hand crushing water bottle

Isn’t it strange that popular slang takes common terms and turns them upside down? For instance, “sick” can mean ill, gross, or even super cool. “Fresh” can refer to recently picked produce, or fashion and style that is extremely good. Crushin’ it means superior achievement in any area of performance. But lately, for me, it refers to all the fruit I have crushed to make jams and jellies.

It also describes how 2020 is crushing us all in its pandemic and climate crisis path.

I spent most of the summer feeling crushed.

Crushed by isolation. Crushed by lack of socializing with friends. Crushed by yet another bout of crippling depression. And let’s throw in some PTSD just for fun.

I love to garden. I planted vegetables. My garden did not produce. Off to the farmers market we went.

I love to can. I put up herb & garlic infused stewed tomatoes. Marinara sauce. Garlic dill pickles. Red Pepper jelly. Crab apple jelly. Cherry jelly. Strawberry jam. Now I am running out of jars. “We can buy more jars”, my husband said with a grin. He is enjoying all the goodies coming from the kitchen these days!

While I crushed fruit to make it into something delicious that will last longer jarred on the shelf than it would fresh on the counter, it occurred to me that God is doing the same thing with me.

God allows me to be crushed. In the crushing the true essence of me is revealed. It is difficult. It hurts. It exposes the tender core of my soul.

Just when I think there is nothing left of me that is worth anything, the Master Chef shows up. He creates something beautiful out of my mess. Something that will last the test of time. Something consumable that nourishes others on their journey.

Sometimes I’m the windshield, sometimes I’m the bug.

Sometimes I’m crushing it. Sometimes I’m being crushed.

It’s all good. One day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute at a time. I’ll get through this and be better for it. So will you.

If you need a hand to hold during your crushing, here I am. If you need a cheering section to celebrate when you are crushing it, I’ll be the one with the noisemaker and the banner and the goofy hat, cheering as loud as I can for you.

Let’s crush this together.

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