Mallory Made Creations: sustainable textile artist
Mallory wearing cute sunhat

Mallory Made Creations: sustainable textile artist

You’ve heard the lesson about fishing – Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. I know nothing about fishing, but I do know a fair bit about sewing, having been a seamstress for several years. My mom taught me to sew, and I have taught a few others to sew over the years. But no one has taken sewing to the next level like Mallory Stewart, the designer of Mallory Made Creations.

Mallory at her sewing machine

Our open adoptions allow us the privilege of knowing and doing life with our girls birthmoms and their families. Mallory is a birth-sister to our oldest daughter. We got to hold her and her twin brother within a couple hours of their birth. Since there is no decriptive word for extended birth family members, we are Auntie Lisa and Uncle Steve, and they are our nieces and nephews.

My husbands work took us back to Winnipeg in 2017 to live for about two years. We spent a lot of that time reconnecting with our birthmoms and their families, as we lived within a few miles of one another. I enjoyed hosting a Christmas baking party, a perogy making party, and had a some fun craft days with the kids.

The kids were at our house often for family gatherings and sleepovers. When I had a challenging costume to design, a couple of my nieces helped me make a man-sized maple tree costume. In addition to all the fun with fairies and hot glue, I had the pleasure of teaching Mallory to sew. Watching her passion for textile arts soar is a true pleasure.

She continues to delight as she builds her dream wardrobe, featured on
Instagram at Mallory Made Creations.

This young lady has serious talent, and the ambition to make her mark on the sustainable fashion world. Some of her projects are for sale, and she may consider comissioned custom projects as well.

Keep your eye on this rising textile artist!

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