Meet the artist – Kyla Ferrier

Meet the artist – Kyla Ferrier


When I started dreaming about what The Ninth Child would look like, all I knew for sure was that I wanted cover art that was beautiful and compelling.

Used with permission

When I started dreaming about what my memoir, The Ninth Child, would look like, all I knew for sure was that I wanted cover art that was beautiful and compelling. I had a few specific elements in mind, but most of all I wanted to feel joy and freedom and light in my spirit every time I looked at it.

I wanted to commission an original work of art so I needed to find an artist. Thanks to my side gig as a costume designer, I know a few people in the Calgary arts community.

That’s how I met Kyla Ferrier.

In 2019 I was the costumer for Babette’s Feast, staged by  Fire Exit Theatre , and Kyla played one of the leads. She kindly accepted my friend request on FB, and I followed her with interest when she added painting to her artistic expressions during the pandemic. Check out her  FB  and  Instagram .

Used with permission

I reached out to her and we started a conversation about collaborating on an abstract/representational piece that would be used to create the cover for my book. Kyla was intrigued by the idea of creating art for book covers and was eager to work with my cover/layout designer/fellow author  Travis Williams .

My concept for the art was influenced by a guided meditation with  Liz Johnson  at  Neurvana Health . I had just completed 5 months of  neurofeedback  at the same clinic to treat my depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicide ideation. My rewired brain was functioning better than ever, but emotional roadblocks remained. ARDR proved to be extremely effective – after only two sessions my emotional triggers were greatly reduced.

I shared my manuscript of The Ninth Child and my blog about my meditation experience  with Kyla and Travis, and the collaboration began.

Travis is working with high resolution digital images to create the cover. The manuscript is in final edits, then it will go to  beta readers  for one last read-through, and then my publisher,  Siretona Creative , will send it for proof printing. When the proof is approved, it will go to print and I will have a book to send to you! For you e-readers like me, it will also be available for download.

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