Part 10 – Second Brain Map
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Part 10 – Second Brain Map

Today, February 10, I had my second brain map at Neurvana Health. This means on Friday, Dr. Corey Deacon will meet with me and review how neurofeedback brain training has changed my brain.

Sachi measured my head to be sure to use the right size mapping cap. You may remember it from Part 3.

Sachi uses a blunt tip syringe to insert the connectivity paste into each hole, followed by a plug. This takes a few minutes, but
I enjoy our chats, so the time goes by quickly.

The map took about ten minutes. Five minutes eyes open, five minutes eyes closed. Then she removed the cap, placed a heart rate sensor on my ear lobe, and I did a new breathing exercise. I watched the white ball – inhaling when it ascended, exhaling when it descended, for one minute. This test replaces the computer tests I did the first time. They get all the same data, without the vagaries of testing someone not familiar or comfortable with computers.

On Friday morning, I get to see side-by-side images of my brain, and compare the differences. I’m so excited about this! I know I feel different, but I want to see in real time how my brain has actually changed.

Stay tuned for all the pics of my brain, and to learn about the protocol going forward. Maybe it will stay the same, or maybe Dr. Corey will change it up.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. It’s fun for me to be able to share it with you! And, hopefully, this record will serve to move the needle on mental health treatment options.

In my opinion, neurofeedback should be the first protocol to use after a mental health diagnosis. Even if meds are indicated, the brain map can identify the meds that are likely to work best for you. It is certainly better than trying whatever drug the last pharmaceutical rep was promoting, and hoping for the best.

I invite you to share my blog with anyone connected with medical or mental health, whether they are working in this field, or have been given their own diagnosis. Spreading awareness of neurofeedback moves us closer to the day when our government treats it the same as any other type of medical intervention.

Stay safe and healthy.

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  • Oh my heart mom!!! Wow – so inspiring and exciting!!!!! You are such an amazing lady and I am so proud of you! The way you share these amazing moments makes me feel like I am right there with you ♥️ I am so excited to continue to watch your journey!!!