Part 12 – You Get What You Pay For
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Part 12 – You Get What You Pay For

I’ve had a couple weeks off since my last brain map. It was simply a scheduling thing – the clinic schedule was booked solid for a couple weeks. I did enjoy my time off. Other than slipping on the ice and breaking my arm, it was pleasant to not have to schedule my week around trips across the city for brain training.

I promised to share financials with you, and I want to keep that promise before I get into the next round of brain training sessions. Here is a complete list of costs so far:

Comprehensive Intake: $568 (includes the initial brain map)

Blood Panel: $2743

Neurobiogenic Aminos Comprehensive: $799

Labrix Comprehensive: $633

One Month Neurofeedback Package: $952

For a grand total of $5695 so far, not including tax, assuming my math is correct.

I have two more months to go, so that adds approximately another $2000. In another week or so we should have a more complete idea of total cost overall.

There will likely be further costs for supplements once the neurobiogenic aminos comprehensive results come back. This test panel reveals my hormone levels. Considering the fact that I am in menopause, that should be an interesting conversation. I expect supplements will be required. The great thing is that Neurvana Health now has a hormone specialist on staff.

Before your eyebrows disappear into your hairline over sticker shock, don’t forget that each patient has different requirements. My cost is unique to my needs. And I have a lot of needs. I am grateful for a wise and loving husband, who has been a faithful and diligent finance manager for our family over the years. He agreed my mental health was an important investment, and found a way to make this happen for me. We made sacrifices and put projects on hold until we knew my medical bills would be covered.

Here’s a few common questions I have encountered:

  1. How much do the appointments cost? It is not ethical to charge per appointment for neurofeedback. Brain training, in order to be effective, must be consistent. That is why, when I signed on, I committed to a full 3 months of twice weekly sessions/appointments, with the option to continue if needed for a further 3 months. If you are considering neurofeedback, I highly recommend that you press pause on as many other commitments in your life as you can. Brain training must become your scheduling priority. Missing even one appointment compromises your brain’s ability to create new neural pathways. You can still work and function well throughout brain training. In fact, the further you get into training, the better you will function! Expect to feel extra fatigue in the first couple weeks. My brain needed extra sleep, and after a few weeks I only experienced the occasional mild headache and some fatigue in the hours immediately following training.
  2. Does Neurvana have payment plans? No, not at this time. My best advice about financing is to consider a line of credit. Share my blog with your critics/banker as proof that neurofeedback actually works. It is curative. I don’t say those words lightly! Once the brain training stops, the brain continues to train itself for up to a year. There is no need to do further training, unless new injury or trauma occurs. This is a worthy investment in the health and productivity of your future.
  3. Will you be able to eliminate your anti-depressants? I hope so! That is yet to be determined. At the very least I expect to be able to step them back to a lesser dose. This is a learning curve for my doctor too. She is not familiar with neurofeedback, and she doesn’t believe at this time that I will be able to successfully stop my meds. Time will tell. She’s a good doctor and I like her very much. This will be an interesting ongoing conversation with her!

Please know I am here for any and all questions – this is a conversation I will never get tired of having. I love hearing from you!

Must go – my ride will be here shortly to take me for my next brain training. My broken arm is healing well, but I still can’t drive, which is annoying.

But my broken brain is healing, and driving my productivity in ways I have never experienced before. Which is spectacular!

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