Part 13 – Brain Training Continues
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Part 13 – Brain Training Continues

This week I began my second block of brain training, with my new tech, Antonio. You may remember that my treatment protocol includes three blocks of brain training, eight sessions each. I completed two sessions this week, so six more to go, and then I will get an updated brain map to confirm progress, before I enter the last block. The current updated map will happen in about 3 – 4 weeks. I’m super excited to see what has changed since my very first map!

I am still using the electrodes and the spider cap. But they are targeting a different area in specific ways. My frontal lobe is under construction at the moment. The electrodes are the same but they are placed in different areas. Two of them are placed on my forehead, and the others are spaced out from the center crown of my head to just behind my ears.

The spider cap is interesting. There are nineteen points of connection to my scalp that must all be perfectly placed. That can be an issue with all my hair. Antonio is a pleasant, patient soul, thank the Good Lord!

Actually, I have yet to meet anyone at Neurvana Health that isn’t pleasant and patient and absolutely delightful! The people there make it easy to want to drive all the way across the city twice (sometimes three times) a week. They never fail to greet me as if they missed me since last time.

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Right – spider cap! Sometimes it feels like the connection points are hot. My scalp is not burning – it’s not uncomfortable to that degree – but I can pinpoint exactly where my brain is being targeted. As soon as Antonio takes the cap off, the sensation is gone. Yesterday I didn’t feel the burning, but I did feel fatigued toward the end of the session. Antonio could tell just by tracking my brain waves on his screen. No headache at all this time.

Targeting my frontal lobe contains my memories, emotions, decision making, and awareness of my surroundings. Antonio could also tell, by looking at his screen, that my hyper-awareness most likely developed while I was in utero. You may think this sounds like poppy-cock mumbo jumbo from some kind of flapdoodle clown, but I assure you it is proven by the latest neuroscience developments and discoveries. Antoinio is extremely knowledgeable, and I take issue with anyone assuming his conclusions are gobbledegook.

Today I have a review with Dr. Corey Deacon. My labs are back! What does my blood, urine, and saliva have to say about my brain? Stay tuned for the full word from the bird!

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