Part 4 – Brain training

Part 4 – Brain training

January 14, 2021

Yesterday, the 13th, was my first neurofeedback brain training session. Here are a couple pics of the device used. Very different from the mapping cap.

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No connectivity paste or gel needed with this device. Each “spider leg” ends with a small circle of metal buds. My tech wiggled them about to achieve good connection with my scalp. She loaded a TED talk for me to watch and started the session. She remained at the computer, administering the neurofeedback, occasionally coming over to adjust one or two of the legs for better connection.

The TED talk was super interesting. Google TED talk rat park. Fascinating information about how what we know about addiction is mostly wrong.

The entire appointment lasted about 45 minutes. It was pleasant and comfortable. I didn’t feel any different during the session, Immediately after, I felt a new sensation that was hard to describe. Not a headache, or pressure. More like I had been given a big “head hug”, not just to my head but also to my actual brain. That descriptive is compliments of another patient, shared with me by the tech. I think it’s the perfect word picture.

About 30 minutes after the end of the appointment the headache began. Not terribly painful, but definitely distracting. It wasn’t severe enough for a pain reliever. I felt more pressure and fatigue than pain. I had a nap and felt a bit better. The mild headache came and went over the next few hours. Even after a nap, it was easy to fall asleep at bedtime, which is not my norm.

I felt good when I woke this morning. I have normal energy and I am motivated to complete my tasks today. This is new.

The renewed energy and motivation is not due to neurofeedback. It’s far too soon to notice any measurable results. I believe the act of doing something that is actually treating my brain in a targeted way is feeding my hope. It is amazing what renewed hope can do for the spirit and the body.

My next appointment is a phone consult with Dr Corey on Friday evening, to review the first brain training session. Then another neurofeedback session on Saturday.

I am hopeful. This in turn elevates my energy, motivation, engagement, and joy. Hope is a powerful thing! Until next time, allow yourself some good rest, and find one thing you can do to feed your hope.

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Be well, my friends.

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