Part 7 – More energy
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Part 7 – More energy

This week my brain training has settled into a predictable routine. I am using the ear bud, emWave breathing, and the Vie light cap. The emWave uses the five small connections that need connectivity paste, four on my scalp and one on my forehead. The Vie light is a laser cap. It looks kind of star treky. You have read about these in previous posts.

I noticed a new sensation today with the Vie light. I felt hot spots on the top of my crown. I tolerated it well, until it felt like it was burning a little. But by then the session was over. The feeling went away the moment the cap was removed.

I have two home specimen collections to complete. This week I did the 24 hour urine collection. It starts with the second pee of the day, collecting each pee, throughout a 24 hour period. It is all collected together in one provided container and refrigerated. Then I shook it up, filled a prepared vial, placed it in the provided Styrofoam box with a freezer pack, put it in the freezer for 6 hours, and FedEx picked it up the next day for overnight shipping to the US. The collection needs to happen on a Monday or Tuesday, with pickup no later than Wednesday, because it ships to the states. A later pickup day allows for the possibility of the specimen sitting over the weekend, which would make in inviable.

Next week I will complete the saliva specimen collection, which involves filling four separate vials over a 24 hour period. Same small Styrofoam box with a freezer pack, then freeze and ship. The saliva gets tested for hormone levels. It will be interesting to see the results, as I am in menopause.

It all sounds complicated but it’s actually pretty simple to do. Shipping is made easy with a completed pre-paid shipping label and parcel included.

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I am beginning to notice changes! I am feeling more alert. The brain fog is beginning to recede a bit. I am sleeping better. These are all exciting and encouraging signs that my brain is responding well to neurofeedback.

I have experienced less headache and fatigue this week. Sachi told me today that she tweaked the settings for me, which was a good call. I am enjoying this new feeling of productivity and improved cognitive function.

Neurvana Health is moving into new office space this weekend. My next appointment will be in their much larger new space. They are adding a number of new specialists to their roster. I’ll tell you all about it next time!

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