Rewriting Adam

Rewriting Adam

Have you ever wondered if there was a parallel universe in which Adam and Eve didn’t eat the forbidden fruit? What would that society look like? How would the culture that is built over time differ from ours, or even be similar to ours?

Author Connie Mae Inglis asked that question, and her re-imagining of the familiar Bible story created the world in which Ethan, the protagonist, finds himself.

I recently re-read Rewriting Adam, published by Siretona Creative, and here’s what it reminded me of: going to my favorite buffet, selecting a bit of everything, and then going back for seconds of the dishes I liked best.

I have read this book twice so far, and I am certain I will return for a third helping. It really is that good, which is why I want to promote it. Check out her page and sign up for her blog updates here!

If you love the sci-fi fantasy genre. you will love this book. If you are exploring sci-fi fantasy, this book is a great place to dive in.

Check out this interesting interview with Connie:

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