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path through forest

Kindness in the Time of Covid

The world has officially gone crazy. Every news feed and social media debate has become completely cuckoo bananas. People get ramped up about the weirdest things. Rants on community social media about neighbourhood parking peeves. People losing...

peace sign tealight


Be nice. Nice girls don’t. That wasn’t nice. How nice of you. You’re too nice. All things that have been said to me. Also said by me: I was just trying to be nice.  What was my objective by trying to be nice? I was trying to elevate my image. I...

rusted car


We are born. We die. In between the moments and days and calm and chaos … there are collisions. Good ones. Bad ones. Accidental ones. They all matter. They all serve our story if we are alert enough to notice them. I was very young. My dog was...