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Walking Wounded

I'm going back to therapy. I'm not even a little embarrassed about that, because seeking help with my mental health is as normal and automatic as going to PT for my ankle, or going to get my teeth cleaned, or going to a yoga class.

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Part 19 – Graduation Day

For me, neurofeedback brain training was the thing that got me unstuck and re-wired my brain, creating new neural pathways - so my "now brain" has the ability to choose what to accept and what to discard.

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Part 18 – ARDR Therapy

Treating emotional trauma using theraputic music. The wounded brain is a fascinating thing. For instance, we know that we can see physical evidence of traumatic brain injuries and concussions on the brain, but did you know that even emotional trauma...

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Part 17 – The Latest Brain Map Review

I had my latest brain map review with Dr. Corey Deacon on Friday, May 13, 2021. Check out these before and after brain map images: This graph shows my brain activity while I was relaxed and at rest. The spikes shown in the image on the right signify...

Part 16 – Taking a Break

I’ve taken a break from blogging because there hasn’t been anything new to report. But I would like to drop this little reminder – it is important to be consistent with brain training. This week I recalled why. We are all dealing...

Part 15 – The New Map!

GUYS!!!! SERIOUSLY THOUGH!!! If you thought my last map showed dramatic changes, all I can say is buckle up, baby! Check.This. Out! Previous map, February 12, 2021 Updated map, March 26, 2021 Here’s an quick run-down of my brain upgrades My...

Part 14 – Not Yo Mamma’s Multi

Let’s talk about supplements! I knew I would need supplements, at the very least to balance my hormone levels. Turns out my hormones are creating other imbalances as well. For something so incredibly small, those little buggers can be pretty...

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Part 13 – Brain Training Continues

This week I began my second block of brain training, with my new tech, Antonio. You may remember that my treatment protocol includes three blocks of brain training, eight sessions each. I completed two sessions this week, so six more to go, and then...

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Part 12 – You Get What You Pay For

I’ve had a couple weeks off since my last brain map. It was simply a scheduling thing – the clinic schedule was booked solid for a couple weeks. I did enjoy my time off. Other than slipping on the ice and breaking my arm, it was pleasant...