Part 17 – The Latest Brain Map Review
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Part 17 – The Latest Brain Map Review

I had my latest brain map review with Dr. Corey Deacon on Friday, May 13, 2021. Check out these before and after brain map images:

brain wave graph

This graph shows my brain activity while I was relaxed and at rest. The spikes shown in the image on the right signify that my brian is still engaged in mild threat-assessment even when my eyes are closed. It has greatly imporved, however.

Absolute power brain map
absolute power brain map

The main thing to notice in the above image is the differences between them. The one on the left is my map from 6 weeks ago. The one on the right is most recent. The biggest change is in the top two rows. My anti-depressants show up as red on this map. The red has greatly reduced on the right because I was taking a reduced dose of Wellbutrin. I have now successfully eliminated it entirely.

hemispheric brain activity
hemisperic brain activity

My hemisperic brain activity is balancing out. There is still some red happening in the left brain, but there has been a great deal of improvement, which should keep trending as I reduce my Pristiq.

Next steps include sessions with Liz Deacon.

Now that neurofeedback has resolved the “noise” in my brain, the path is clear to do some work on my early childhood trauma. I will start with a comprehensive intake appointment, and then follow up with whatever protocols Liz recommends.

For now, Dr. Corey added another supplement, 5-HTP Supreme. This will support me as I begin to wean off my Pristiq. I am currently on a 100mg dose daily, I will back off to 50mg for 4 weeks, then reduce to 25mg for another 4 weeks, and then I will be anti-depressant free for the first time in 25 years!

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for Dr. Lady Jane Padilla, at Imagine Health Centre. Dr. Padilla is progressive and forward thinking. She supports naural medicine modalities, and is very willing to follow Dr. Corey’s recommendations. De Padilla is so happy that neurofeedback has been successful in eliminating my depression. She wants to learn more about it so her other patients can benefit from it as well. It is incredibly rare to find a medical doctor who is willing and able to work with other mdoalities, and I am so grateful for her! I feel very supported by my medical and mental health team!

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