This is What Love Looks Like Today

This is What Love Looks Like Today

hand holds up a heart made from led lights
Photo by Elias Maurer on Unsplash

Love is a grand and glorious thing. It takes many forms. It is elusive. It is mysterious. It is blood, sweat, and tears. It is pain. It is sacrifice. It is elation. Some times it hurts. It covers a multitude of sins.

I fell in love. There was no resisting those Hershey Kiss chocolate brown eyes. He was so different than anyone else I had ever met. He listened. He smiled. Those brown eyes though. I was a goner. This is what love looked like.

Infertility. All I ever wanted was to be a mommy. Adoption. The possibilities seemed endless. Wait. Wait longer. Please, God!

It happened – a birth mom chose us. And we chose her. Open adoption. Contact with our birth mom. Contact with her family. Her extended family. We all became family. This is what love looked like.

Then it happened again! Another birth mom. Another child. Another birth family that became family. The love grew and stretched and expanded in ways others could not understand. This love didn’t look familiar to them. This is what love looked like to us.

Boundaries. This far, but no further. Past this point lies destruction. Destruction of relationships. Destruction of dreams. Destruction of me. Destruction of you. Reconciliation. This is what love looked like.

Asserting independence. Rebellion. Risky behaviour. Severe consequences. Accountability. Heartache. Tears. This was love, but not to her.

Goals. Dreams. Leaving the familiar to reach out toward the promise of the unknown. Accomplishments. Graduations. Awards. Pride and joy. Success. It was worth it all. That is what love looked like to all of us.

I want to help. What kind of help is actually help, and what kind of help cripples your future? Prayer. Discernment. The answer is no for now. This is what love looks like.

I will always be in your corner. I will always advocate for you. I will always love you. You cannot see that now, but I see what you don’t see.

I see your potential.

I see hope.

I see healing.

I see victory over the demons that torment you. I see you leading others to the light who are lost in the same darkness. I see you. I love you. This is what love looks like today.

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