robins nest


Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash

Transformation is all around me today.  

The painters are here. Already I almost can’t remember what it looked like before my drab walls were transformed into a fresh canvas, waiting for inspiring decor ideas. Not my forte. Thank God for clever friends with interior design talents. One coat of paint and now I want to redecorate the whole house!

I am sitting on my patio watching the robins fly back and forth with worms in their beaks to their nest next door . They have a pretty good deal going between us and our neighbours. The neighbours have the nest, we have the bird feeders. This is the third year in a row the same pair has come back to nest.  The babies grow and change so quickly that Mama and Daddy Robin are already on their second hatching. Is that what you call it? Whatever. More birdie babies for my backyard.

My garden is growing. Literally overnight the peas stretched out their delicate tendrils, grasping and climbing up their trellis-like supports.  I experimented with planting different vegetables in containers. My cauliflower seems quite happy. There is already a baby cauliflower head hiding in the leaves.  Funny to think that if I sat here staring at my garden I wouldn’t actually notice growth happening, even though it is right before my eyes.  But looking with fresh eyes every morning, I see rapid transformation.

Is that why I feel stuck sometimes? As if I’m not growing, not changing?

Maybe I am looking too closely at myself. This is a real paradigm shift in a society that tells us to deeply examine ourselves and follow seven easy steps to our new personal best life. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But here is what I have discovered about me…

Too much self examination makes me self-focused. I start feeling stuck. I feel defeated and dissatisfied. But when I look outside myself my perspective changes. I see others. I notice their need. I find opportunity to serve someone else with no expectation of what’s in it for me.

After awhile I take a look at myself and find that while I wasn’t looking, I grew. I changed. I stretched. I am transformed by selflessly serving the transformation of others. Something to think about. But not for too long.

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