Warrior writers – Kristal and Eileen
Eileen Peters books

Warrior writers – Kristal and Eileen

I want you introduce you to my friend Kristal Chalmers, and her sweet mom Eileen Peters. They are warriors, standing in the gap for clergy sexual abuse victims. Broken and Beautiful is Kristal’s story.

Clergy sexual abuse is prevalent in EVERY denomination.

There is still a heavily protected code of silence around this topic, especially within the church. I stand with Kristal and Eileen, to bring this hidden evil into the bright light of truth.

I hear it all the time – “It’s always been this way. It’s probably even worse now.”

If that is your belief, please hear me. As a survior of childhood sexual abuse by a deacon in my parents’ church, I understand. I agree. And today is a good day to change that. Buy the books. Start the conversation in your circle of influence.

The only thing evil needs to flourish, is for people to do nothing. Let’s do something – together. Visit their webiste today.

Please, buy the book. Read it. Share it.

Let’s talk about it.


Kristal and Eileen just dropped a podcast interview on Truth and Nails. This is the first of three episodes that take a deep dive into her story of clergy sexual abuse and the insidious grooming that led up to it, and the damage done to the secondary victims, especially her parents and husband. I am so grateful for Truth and Nails for shedding a bright light on this incredibly important and relevant problem. Click this link to listen to her interview. Follow Truth and Nails!

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