X Marks The Spot
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X Marks The Spot


Following my GPS is a little like following a treasure map.

Following my GPS is a little like following a treasure map.

image and script created by Travis Williams

Thanks to new road construction and changing traffic patterns where I live, my GPS gets lost right along with me sometimes.

Recently I was picking something up for a friend in a neighborhood near me that I hadn’t been to in a few years. No problem, I thought. I totally remember how to get there. Not so much now. The new construction eliminated the road that once accessed that neighborhood. It is now a “you can’t get there from here” situation. 

My GPS was no help at all. I ended up going the exact opposite direction through a different neighborhood just to find the right road to cross the highway again. This entire construction area is notorious for changing traffic pattens without warning, so I should have know better. The experience reminded me of an excursion I went on with a friend, during which we coined the term chair run, describing any errand that takes an unexpected turn, and ends up taking 2–3 times longer than anticipated. 

If GPS operated more like a treasure map, it could make getting lost less frustrating and more like an epic adventure.

The thought of my navigational system displaying dotted lines guiding me around a deserted bog with a big red X at my destination makes me smile. 

Eventually I found my way —  a flag marked the spot instead of an X. The good news is I made it home easily, and I don’t anticipate having to go back to that neighborhood any time soon. The explorer within was re-awakened, however, and now I want to go on an actual treasure hunt. The only thing that would make it better is to experience a treasure hunt with friends! 

More good news!! This is the next stop on the internet treasure hunt! Keep the fun going by following these steps:

Step #1 Did you see the Tassanara Treasure Image above? Figure out what it says using the Tassanara Key.

Step #2 When you know what the treasure says, find the next treasure here.

Step #3 Go to all the blogs, collecting treasure along the way.

Step #4 The last link will lead you to the answer form. Fill in your answers and submit!

Step #5 Download, print, and proudly display your Tassanara Internet Treasure Hunt Participation Certificate!

Step #6 Buy the T-shirt so other fans can recognize you in the wild

Step #7 Sign up for the party next week! If you missed the beginning of the party, start here.

While you are checking out the merch, I highly recommend the leggings. They are soooo comfy!! The matching flip flops are pretty awesome too.
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